"Gannon Construction is the first contractor that I’ve totally trusted and felt comfortable with any decision they have made regarding my house.

Their work has exceeded my highest expectations. They do this by constant consulting, briefing me on alternative methods and an extraordinary attention to detail.

Brian Gannon is always looking two or three steps ahead of the work and anticipates and corrects issues before they become problems."

Spencer Adams


"Gannon delivers! Working with Brian Gannon has been an absolute pleasure. Because we are totally pleased with the renovation of our 100 years old house, we intend to have Gannon Construction back for more work on a garage conversion and for updates to our master bedroom and bath.

Gannon’s attention to detail really paid off, his suggestions were excellent and his subcontractors showed up as scheduled. Any difficulties, all minor, that did arise were dealt with immediately. There was complete accountability and no passing the buck.

Because of Brian’s years of experience and attention to the details of our project we now have a beautiful, light filled kitchen with an incredible vaulted ceiling (the architect never saw this potential).

This one suggestion has added much value and enjoyment to our home. When anyone sees our kitchen for the first time they are awestruck; it is that beautiful.

Our project extended well beyond the original scope of work because of the age of our house and needs that could not have been anticipated at the onset of work; because we chose to upgrade and/or replace there were unexpected budget items that increased the bottom line. These choices have greatly improved our enjoyment and comfort; I would do it again."

Mary Farmer
Mike Dowling


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